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Keegan Postulka, Professional Organizer

Growing up my room was always tidy, my closet color coordinated and my friends came to me when they needed help organizing their rooms or for decorating tips! 

There is nothing I love more than to help others, regardless of the task at hand – I’m a naturally caring person. I am also very understanding and do not pass any judgment based on the condition of your unorganized/messy areas. I find clutter exciting and the challenge rewarding! I love to help people create stress-free environments they enjoy to live in!

While attending college, I worked part-time as a nanny. When I got the job, I told the family that I love organizing and in any downtime, if they need help with some organization around the house, I would enjoy helping them. I eventually organized every closet, room, and drawer, among many other things, in the house. Eventually, word got out that I was a "master organizer" and soon other people wanted help organizing their homes!

After graduation, life took me on many journeys over the next few years. I modeled in NYC for four seasons, met my husband and moved to Florida, worked as a personal assistant to an interior designer for two years, taught English in Thailand and then last became a science teacher at Fort Walton Beach High School. Over the years I have enjoyed helping many families obtain a stress-free environment as a part-time job and now I am excited to take my business full time. I can't wait to help you! 

Neat Freak now has three interns that are currently in training! Stay tuned to meet the new team! 

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